julie tearjerky : the vocals were recorded out of phase while the instruments are in phase. the guitar at the start of the tracks sounded okay. the melody of this song is good.

tamagotchi baby : lots of sound effects with some 'wang-wang' coming out from the left and right channels. some noisy vocals at the background during some lead guitar lines. the 'vocals' that seems to be 'jamming' with the guitar.

saturn return : electronica with 'rap' lines.

scorpio rising : hazy guitar lines on left and right channels.

milk and honey : appeared in sticker happy and the sound is again laid back and the electronica is 'noisy'.

downtown : this track goes a bit louder and there are more special sound effects in this one. sounds like a george harrison track and it sounds 'psychedelic'. it is also interesting to quote that the kick drum sounded 'natural' in this track (but without the tight bass that you should hear from a kick drum).

trip to jerusalem : appeared in fruitcake. in this track, the vocals are more laid back than the rest and the soundstage is unintelligible. i really wish that they just played and recorded the old songs again.

andalusian dog : this one is lod and noisy though the melody is good.

hard to believe : i like this song which appeared in sticker happy. it sounds like a BLUES song of a broken hearted person. i keep thinking of what happened to ely and agot although i have to check this because i wasn't in the philippines for a long time now and i really don't know what the TSISMIS is. the laid back lead vocal recording is good. i guess this song is special to eheads and i must admit that the lyrics are really great and the tune is very catchy.

fruitcake : appeared in the album with the same name. i think this has the most muffled and laid back lead vocals and the sound reminds me of the beatles' sgt pepper's lonely heart club band album which has some techno effects.

small room : a la george harrison's 'tomorrow never knows'. what is found sounds? raimund is 'singing' (thru a synthesizer') although there are no lyrics! i guess this is an experimental piece of 'music' from raimund and the guys.

ambi dextrose : this is GRUNGE music (honestly - i really dunno what GRUNGE is - although it's like porno - i know one when i HEAR one). UNEXPECTEDLY, this track has a good lateral soundstage although not deep. there were some noisy vocal lines at the latter part of the song - shouting and talking. break. bass guitar lines.

with a smile : appeared in circus. this song is very popular in PI. it will definitely stick with eheads as one of their most successful song. i guess a lot of pinoys have this as their theme song now (yihi). i personally like this song very much. the recording is better than their good recordings. i believe this is recorded 'unplugged'. the cd album info forgot to mention the drums and the drummer and also the tambourine and the back up singers >:P the acoustic guitar sounded okay.

ang huling el bimbo : this track sounded like they were 'sardines' in a small room. and the sound is quite boomy with muddy bass lines.