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The Beatles

THE Band that i grew up with!

welcome, beatlemaniac number:

now, this is all about ENJOYING the MUSIC! i have tried and failed to be in my audiophile critic mode when listening to my beatles album. i just simply can't resist the urge to enjoy their music!
i have to admit though that these four gifted persons are really creative. listen to ABBEY ROAD's here comes the sun. john and paul are singing on the right speaker while the drums and guitar can be heard on the center. looks like they decided to put the drums on the center to tell the listener how good the drum line is!


boxoffice online: the fab four frolic again

the beatles ultimate experience


please please me

love me do made them BIG and i guess everything started from here on. this album sounded that the four were really having a great time in the studio!
with the beatles

recorded in stereo mono. this is one fun album from the fab four. i must admit that early recordings such as this one sounds more natural than overly processed recordings of todays generation. the group has sealed their fate to become known to the whole world.
a hard day's night

an album that was made into a film. by now, anyone will notice that the Beatles are producing quality and superb songs that makes a very solid album.

beatles for sale

one of the group's album with more slower and softer songs.


yesterday is a masterpiece from this album. ringo's act naturally is musically delightful and fun. yet another solid album from the group.

rubber soul

an album that produced landmark hits for the group. not only can they produce great and phenomenal albums - they can also create beautiful melodies with abstract and witty songs: norwegian wood. nowhere man, in my life, i'm looking through you, etc... truly the becoming of a mature group with superb singing-songwriting abilities. though lennon and mccartney contributed most of the songs in all their album, the songs would probably have not been this good if not with the geniuses of ringo and george with the drums and guitar respectively. no other band has played in complete HARMONY like the beatles.


a mesmerizing album. to me - this is one experimental album by the group which contained reversed guitar lines and some new musical instruments. this album has started to showcase the individual persons in the group but still the harmony is there - this is the Beatles' strongpoint.

sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band

a controversial album indeed and yet regarded as the most critically acclaimed album of the fab four. i found out lots of things about this album and some say this is also their funniest. the group had a good time recording this album and the result was simply a creation of john, paul, george and ringo detached from being the beatles. the guys (as what i've read) never knew about the technicalities of SOUND. in this album, they experimented with SOUND and the results are fun. check out the orchestra in a day in the life.
this is the most different album from the four guys - again, because it's not a BEATLES' album. in this album, the four recorded the tracks with a NEW kind of enthusiasm and performance, once again they sounded like they are enjoying what they're doing. doing songs like with a little help from my friends and when i'm sixty four is direct - they are catchy and enjoyable which sounded perfectly fresh regardless of time and era.
she's leaving home is another masterpiece from the group.
i guess the wax icons on the cover suggests that they wanted this to be about john, paul, george and ringo.

1967 grammy album of the year

cover album is spooky with dead persons and the founder of 'satanism'! i wonder why did they have to include anton la vey(?) on the cover!?

The Beatles
a/k/a The White Album

definitely their most versatile album - contains 30 songs! or 2 CDs which is actually my 'most' favourite beatles' album.
i mentioned about revolver being a showcase for the individual persons in the group - this album explicitly exposed each of them. this album danced, sang, cried, laughed and rocked! it even scorned and mocked.

guest participations from eric clapton, yoko ono and patti harrison.

yellow submarine

the animation made for this album was a well celebrated film in which the fab four didn't even participated in.

magical mystery tour

the beatles clowning around (in the film with the same title). in this album, hints of john and paul's misunderstandings are higlighted. although the two share credits for strawberry fields forever and pennylane, each song is actually a masterpiece of each composer. hello goodbye could be the 'title song of this album. lennon-mccartney in the brink of 'separation'.

abbey road

on the brink of split up. the beatles starts to produce diff sound from what they used to make. individual style and preferences starts to surface. and yet another superb album from the fab four. this is an amazing album completely different from the rest - it's not even in the likes of sgt pepper's. tracks are not separated by the usual gaps and some of the songs like here come's the sun has an unusual 'layout' where john and paul sings on the right side of the 'soundstage' while the ringo plays the drums on center. george starts the lead guitar on the left side.
another landmark album from the group.

let it be

the last!
first there was revolver, then the Beatles... and now this album - the messenger of bad news. in this album, the beatles tries to get back and yet didn't really made it. there are some pictures associated with this album where yoko is besides john with the three guys. they looked very much tired and it seems that everyone has no more energy - but still the four were still able to 'jam' and produce some masterpieces like long and winding road, across the universe, two of us and get back.

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The Beatles

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