Tannoy Mercury M2.5 Bookshelf Speakers

   The M2.5s sound very similar to the M1. They also look similar except for their size and the mid/bass driver used. based on my near field listening to both M1 and M2.5, there are not much difference in their sonic characteristics except of course on bass extension. the M2.5 has a rear port and comes with a 'plug' that you can remove or insert depending on your taste and speaker placement. i have tried listening to the 'UNPLUGGED' and plugged version and the difference is that while unplugged, the BASS is a bit 'boomy'- and while when plugged, the BASS is tight.
   Rated down to 48Hz, these speakers have a really good bass definition at this level. It is fast and 'crunchy'. like it's baby brother, the BASS that M2.5 produces defies its size. i have also tried both M1 and the plugged M2.5 inside our room (4m x 3m) and the BASS (upper?) was really 'unbelievable' - in the sense that it will keep you wondering how a small speaker cabinet can produce that amount of bass. well, the rear ports are really doing their jobs in this case. i did not try the unplugged M2.5 because the plugged version is already generating a good amount of bass.
   I have finally set-up these speakers for my HT use and as expected, the imaging besides and behind me is wonderful. we recently watched Mortal Kombat II and I heard 'Sindel' laughing AROUND me (from the sweet spot)! As for some music cd, sounds that are meant to come from the outer edge of the front speakers are reinforced with the help of my rear speakers. Circle Surround CDs sound great with my set-up. Some instruments that are intended to come from beside and behind the listener are quite well placed. people residing in US should try Chase Tech HTS-1 (it is only US$99). All of these effects wouldn't be possible if diff models are used for front and rear sets.
   I accidentally stumbled on a summarized review of the Tannoy Mercury M2 in Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater. They gave this model a Class C(?) rating! I believe they reviewed them on OCT98. This only confirms how good these speakers are =)

   [2003] In direct comparison to Axiom Audio's M3Ti with its liquid and natural midrange, the M2.5's boxiness sound was very evident specially when you listen to female vocals.

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