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currently my most favourite band in philippines 
unfortunately, Ely is not with the band anymore =( 

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a parental advisory that came with their first album.

the first album of the band. 
i liked all songs in this album. they sounded like they were just having fun (i.e. jamming) but the music are really good and will make you sing along with them.  
the sound quality from this cd is quite good compared to other albums in the Philippines. among their other albums, this one has the 'flattest' sound, but the engineers really did a good job with this one.

the album title sounds like the voltes v weapon... let's volt in! =)

the second album brought the hit like 'with a smile' and alapaap (was banned in quezon city).  

the band starts to play around with the recording. 

although the sound quality is better than the first, the diff is not that much. they have tried some sound effects though and it is a breakthough for the band.


the album which brought the hits like 'drive','ang huling el bimbo' <- MTV winner, 


the band's christmas album with hits like 'fruitcake' and 'trip to jerusalem'.

sticker happy

sticker happy sounds different from their first two albums. sounds like they are even trying some different tunes in this album.

the sonic quality has also improved a lot. i use this disc to listen to some good bass.

aloha milky way

the band's internationally released album. hits like 'julie tearjerky(?)'. album cover is quite pixelated and i am not sure if this is intentional - maybe to make it look like 'faxed' >: )

cover album shown here bears their autographs (with my friend mike garcia's help). the signing was held in tower records at suntec city.  the band performed in some clubs and they also appeared in twg.

i've critically listened to this album and found out that it is quite loud and noisy. there are lots of special sound effects and the recording levels (i assume that this a 'compilation' with old and new tracks) varies. also, the vocals sounded laid back and a bit muffled - could be the mics used.

this album is also bass heavy. i forgot about my sub when i loaded the cd and never noticed that the sub was switched ON - at that time, i was already hearing heavy (upper) bass lines which is muddy and scattered. the bass from the kick drum is also not very evident. these are some of the areas where the recording engineer can really improved on.

in this album raimund appears to be something like george harrison (it is a fact that eheads is compared to beatles). check out downtown and small room.

i noticed that there is a ROBIN RIVERA who helped them in some tracks in the album... the FIFTH EHEAD? (again - something like the beatles).

ely, buddy, raymond and marcus
from sticker happy

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