Read Audio Related Magazines First
Before You Buy Any Audio Gears!!!
the ff are my opinions to each respective magazines
what hi-fi?

  you will get a lot of info from this magazine and you can not go wrong with their 'advice'. of course, it's always recommended that you have a listen with the speakers that you plan to purchase. bring along your favorite CD and judge the speakers with your favorite music(s). take note of the size of the room, the amplifier used and the source used. audition 1 or 2 speakers within a day to avoid confusion.
  while 'stereophile' is busy reviewing 'high-end' gears, 'what hi-fi' has already reviewed both affordable and expensive speakers which have quality performance.
  caution : due to the influx of NEW and BETTER speakers that what hi-fi? reviews, comments have the tendency to vary on different issues. word of advice - look for consistency in their review. better yet, look for other reviews in other audio magazines - THEN - you will definitely not go wrong.
  IMHO, you can find better speakers from UK due to the tight competition that manufacturers are facing.


  this is 'high-end'(EXPENSIVE that is)! you can only find SOME 'affordable' gears here. i've read somewhere that the recommended components in stereophile are only reviewed by one person. so they are based on a recommendation of ONE pair of 'golden ears'. note that some of the recommended components listed in stereophile only got 4 STARS in what hi-fi. so, the moral of the story : LISTEN BEFORE YOU BUY!

sound and vision magazine

  sound & vision (could be STEREO REVIEW and AUDIO/VIDEO magazines previously consolidated into 1 mag) is a magazine that is more for the masses.
other good and respected magazines and e-zines

the absolute sound


TNT Internet hifi magazine

Hi Fi Choice UK

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