REL Acoustics Quake [ca 1997]

   Quake is the smallest subwoofer from REL Acoustics but the performance is still amazing. REL is well known for quality subwoofers that can integrate very well into your existing system. be amazed on how it can improve the dynamics of your existing system! it is like buying a new and better system.
   I have sent an e-mail to REL and insisted that their subwoofers be called TRANSPARENT SUBs! i do not have my SPL meter yet so i can't really tell how low this small sub goes. Based on hearing alone, this wonderful sub can generate good bass flat down to 31.5Hz in my room based on my listening.
   Tip on subwoofer buyers: save and buy the more expensive models that you can afford from a well known maker OR buy TWO entry level subs (providing they are good) that you can afford. STEREO SUB is the ideal set-up for both music and home theater. if my budget will permit, I will get another REL QUAKE!
   I've finally used the spike feet that came with my sub and they improved the bass. It's tighter and it somehow went louder - made me check and turn down the volume knob. Unfortunately, REL has discontinued this model =(

[2003] UPDATE!!! It's official as posted by REL at their site ( they are releasing a reincarnated Quake!! One obvious difference is the design that was changed from front firing to down firing. Also, there are more control knobs available. My version has got 2 knobs only. It looks like there's no PHASE switch anymore but I could be wrong... go and check it out.

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