Vivid 3D Plus

   Vivid 3D Plus from NuReality carries the SRS logo. SRS means Sound Retrieval System which enhances original stereo sound to a 3D-like sound which is really fascinating and FUN. Try to connect this thing to your stereo set-up and watch X-FILES or MILLENNIUM and you will straight away know what I'm trying to say and what this thing can do. Suddenly, you can hear sounds coming from your sides and even from right behind you. I experienced the glory of SRS from the movie STREET FIGHTERS. we heard the lady voice of the computer in a cave coming from right behind us without using any rear speakers! And US means there is no sweet spot in the room! And now that i am using a pair of rear speakers, the effect is even more hair-raising! This is one gadget that gives me goose bumps whenever i watch X-files! RECOMMENDED!!!
   note that the effect of this device is not 'audiophile accepted' (some serious audiophiles has completely forgotten the word FUN. hehehe). the 3D effect created is quite dependent on the 'grade' of speakers used. you may want to TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
   i don't usually use it when i listen to AUDIO or music only. but i do keep my HTS-1 engaged all the time.

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